The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization operated by a board of directors, including:

  • Seven Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad members
  • 17 members of the Virginia Beach community
  • Three members from the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad Advisory Council
  • The Foundation’s only full-time staff member, Executive Director Kitty Schaum


The Foundation’s Board of Directors oversees more than $16 million in assets. These funds have been raised from the generosity of individual gifts and bequests, and through the dedicated efforts of local Foundation volunteers. The Foundation’s largest donations include:

  • E.V. Williams Estate
  • Mary Wells Estate
  • Arthur J. Lillenfield Estate
  • B.M. Stanton Estate

Support of entire rescue system

The Foundation’s commitment extends to the entire volunteer rescue system of Virginia Beach, as exemplified by its financial support of system-wide marketing and public relations campaigns, as well as advocacy and recruitment efforts. Key projects that the Foundation currently funds or has funded include:

  • Advocacy
  • Grant Opportunities
  • Community Outreach and Education
  • Leadership Initiatives
  • Public Relations

  • Recruitment & Retention Programs
  • Annual Volunteer System-wide Retreat
  • Rescue Lines, the Rescue Squads of Virginia Beach’s
  • ongoing quarterly community newsletter
  • Scholarships

Key fundraising events of the Foundation include

  • Station 14 Capital Campaign
  • Great Neck Station Capital Campaign

Allocation of funds

When you make a donation to the Foundation, you may designate it to help a specific rescue squad, or you may direct that it be invested in a fund or toward a specific project that benefits the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squad system as a whole.

Foundation’s relationship with VB Volunteer Rescue Squad

The VBRS Foundation has no authority over the operations and administration of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. They are two separate organizations, independently operated by their own administrations and/or boards.


Members of the VBRS Foundation include anyone who contributes or who has contributed at least $1,000 to the Foundation, or to the Capital Campaign, or is a life member of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. Members shall not be entitled to vote.