To support an independent and vital Virginia Beach volunteer rescue system.


  • We continue to strongly support both in resources and leadership the Virginia Beach volunteer EMS system ensuring a quality citywide system of continuing volunteer rescue services
  • We are fiscally sound with growing assets that contribute to fulfilling our mission in support of a robust and highly skilled volunteer-based EMS system
  • We have grown our donor base through specific board/executive director interactions
  • We have maintained and encouraged the long term sustainability of the City’s volunteer-based EMS system through our advocacy and strong community connections
  • We are recognized leaders in the volunteer EMS community because of our longstanding open commitment to its values and strengths proven by ongoing financial and program support
  • We continue to support and encourage the growth of EMS volunteers within the City of Virginia Beach
  • We have expanded VBRSF resources/programs offered to the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squads in particular grant opportunities for all rescue squad entities within the City
  • We have established new levels of communication both within the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue system and throughout the state through personal and media connections
  • We have significantly raised local community awareness of the Virginia Beach volunteer-based EMS system – its value, strengths and uniqueness via marketing and public relations campaigns
  • We continue to be committed to the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad both in leadership and resource support and in the asset management of its restricted funds held by VBRSF


  • Support the Virginia Beach volunteer rescue system to ensure a quality citywide system of continuing volunteer rescue services
  • Advocate for and support the continued delivery of free pre-hospital emergency care within the City of Virginia Beach
  • Operate with fiscal integrity and professionalism
  • Support the efforts of the volunteer rescue system to build safety awareness through continuing community education
  • Support Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad in its delivery of quality rescue services

Facts & Figures

  • The Virginia Beach volunteer rescue squads of today serve a population of more than 440,000 residents, plus 2.8 million tourists who visit the resort area annually.
  • Citywide, the squads respond to almost 39,000 calls per year and have a 97% customer satisfaction rating.
  • The 10 volunteer rescue squads combined operate 33 ambulances, three squad trucks, six boats, support & command vehicles, a state-of-the-art dive truck and locating equipment (side scan sonar) and have over 900 volunteers, augmented with 50 career paramedics and supervisors.
  • Volunteers’ time on behalf of public health and safety is valued at over $22 million each year.
  • The squads have equipment and infrastructure assets of more than $5 million, and they raise over $2.1 million each year in private contributions.
  • The service still does not charge its patients for services.